Fadderbrev januari 2024

Bästa faddrar 
I den mörkaste av tider för palestinierna, vill vi ändå sätta hoppet i centrum: vi har haft mycket kontakt, telefon och mail,med Abu Moujahed, Maleke och Nancy de senaste månaderna och de jobbar på med dubbel styrka i den hjärtskärande situationen för Gaza och Västbanken. 

Några axplock ur ett mail: 

”Concerning CYC we are trying our best to be useful in whatever we can do to Gaza and all Palestine. Unfortunately the possibilities are too small… But we are sharing with whatever activity can be done. We are following what is going on in Palestine minute by minute. We are spreading the news, articles, opinions, the videos and images.

We did several [demonstrations] and activities with the children in the camp, and out of the camps in Shatila and Nahr El Bared”.

”Some days ago it was the anniversary of the UN resolution 181 of 1947, the Division Plan of Palestine, which became the Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people. CYC children had big activities in Shatila and Nahr El Bared, condemning the UN resolution no 181, to make the young generation know about the history of their people’s struggle, and who is with and who is against”.

Abu Moujahed följer som alltid vad som händer i världen, nu också hoppfullt av den stora solidaritet som visas i världen för Palestina.

Han resonerar om de många unga som bildar stommen i de stora demonstrationerna i västvärlden:
”… very right that the young people participate the most in all the protesting demonstrations everywhere. If you remember I say always, that I am optimistic, I am trusting the possibility of change, and that the new generations will play their role one day, because the old generation won’t really be the means of change any more. But we have to remember that it is just one step forward, it is not enough to guarantee the change in the public opinions and that it will last in the close coming future. It is not enough until we see the impact of change in the coming elections in the western countries, first in the United States. What is happening is great, the youth are always indicating toward the NEW and to the LEFT, But let us see… Although I trust that it won’t take long, unfortunately the evil alliance is still supporting each other to make the rightest win in the elections. The big question is; where are the new capable political parties to invest in this international popular [movement] condemning the Government’s War, death, suffering and tragedy policies”.

Och för oss som demonstrerar vår ilska och återigen sjunger Kofias ”Leve Palestina” oavsett vad regering och media har att gorma om det, har Abu Moujahed också några ord:

”…the coming future will bring more solidarity to the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people to be free, return and live in peace. Just as an example for the role of the youth and social media – I am so proud to hear the song so many friends in Gothenburg, and in every Peace Race too, used to sing the Swedish song VIVA PALESTINA since maybe about 27 years. Today it became an international song in different ways and different shapes. It is so good to see thousands of people are demonstrating in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmo and other cities supporting Gaza 

(sök på youtube så hittar ni Leve Palestina på många språk /LW)

Alla tre betonar också att arbetet med och för barnen på CYC fortsätter, all oro och upprördhet till trots:

”Meanwhile we press on keeping the education process working, and keep open the Kindergartens in Shatila and Nahr El bared”.

Oron handlar naturligtvis också om vad som kommer att hända i Libanon efter avrättningen av Hamasledaren i Beirut/ Dahyie och nu Hezbollah-ledaren i söder.

Vi avslutar med Abu Moujaheds djupt kända tack till alla er faddrar:

”…finish writing this letter, I just want to say thank you and all the friends there, for everything. Always you all are in mind, and remember you in every talk here. In the last General assembly on 22-11-2023 you were all present in the reports and the appreciation to what you are doing for the CYC and Palestine, your solidarity activities. We mentioned the big role in supporting our work and programs.

Wish you all the best, with warmest greetings to all of you in the board and all God parents.

Abu Moujahed” 

För insamlingsstiftelsen/ Lotta

Lite extra information:

– I dag, 8 januari, skickade vi nya 140 000 kr till CYC, årets första sändning till verksamheten.

– I samband med höstterminens skolavslutning i Hammarkulleskolan, blev Kickan och Peter från stiftelsestyrelsen inbjudna till jullunch och träffade barnen ur i treorna som samlade in pengar till barnen i CYC under Hammarkullefestivalen i våras och som kommer att göra detsamma även i år, Vi arbetar på en fördjupad kontakt mellan barnen.