Farewell Kickan, from CYC Shatila


With a heavy heart, grief, and deep sadness, we thought to share with the dear CYC Foundation board and God Fathers and Mothers, the farewell of our dear friend/mother Kickan. The person who illuminated the lives of many students with knowledge and enriched their minds with wise guidance. Farewell words cannot describe how much we will miss you, Kickan.

We see all the friends of the CYC Foundation and the Godparents as our Family, considering you all as role models.

Kickan, as part of the foundation board, you all have played a major role in Shatila and in developing CYC in Nahr El-Bared. You provided us with constant assistance. You stood by the right and just solution in the Palestinian cause and the Right to Return. Your solidarity actions with the people of Shatila camp will never be forgotten.

Kickan, with the teachers at Hammarkullen school, in Göteborg, you have planted seeds of a successful exchange of friendship and filled the hearts of the children with love and sincerity.

Dear Kickan, you have left a huge void in the hearts of the CYC, your friends, but your memory will remain immortal. You will stay alive in our hearts and minds.

Goodbye Dear Kickan. We will miss you so much.

The children of CYC drew expressive pictures, a message of love and appreciation.