Firande vid sommarkursens avslutning i Nahr Al-Bared

In the presence of the students ’families, the People’s Committee, and NGO’s, CYC and 80 male and female students celebrated in Nahr Al-Bared camp – NBC on Saturday 10-7-2020 the ending of the Educational, Recreational & Awareness Summer Program in happiness and joy with their learning, gaining skills, talent development, and encouragement of the teachers and supervisors. Where the recreational activities contributed to the improvement to the children, as they showed their improving in paintings and drawings, songs  handcrafts, and their visits to the agriculture gardens how has improved their psychological conditions and daily behaviors.Mrs. Sakina Al-Ain, Coordinator of CYC in NBC talked about the difficult circumstances surrounding the implementation of the program and the precautions against the Corona epidemic, the need for continued caution to protect children, interest in education, and encourage them to learn, and the importance of social solidarity in light of the difficult economic, social and political conditions that our people go through in the Homeland and diaspora.Then the children performed some dances and songs, they presented their drawings and works, happy with their creativities, at the end the students carried their certificates of participating in the educational course. The happiness of the parents and attendees appeared with the appreciation of CYC initiative and what it is doing has a positive impact on the children