Läget i Libanon i slutet av Augusti 2021

Brev från Abu Muhajed 27/8-21, där han funderar över läget i Libanon just då. (ngt förkortat)

As I said to the friends in Scotland, I am not nagging and never give up. I will not be stupid to expect some other things, than what USA and its bloody tools do here and there in Europe or Arab world. But I am learning direct practically, physically and mentally, how much the Imperialism and Capitalism can be savages and murderers. The mentality of colonizing and stealing the resources of other peoples can make them beasts. Never mind who will be killed or die, children, women, old or young, animals, nature or environment. The main point is to force others bow to them.

Lebanon is just a tiny and small country, but it´s important for the imperialism as part of banking and channel in their way to reach Iran and Syria. It is an obstacle in their way of protecting Israeli occupation. Obstacles are also the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah or who ever stop their interests in the region and the control over the free hands of their guard dogs of the Golf and other Lebanese political traitors in Lebanon…

How it could be possible to drain the life of people, I can’t say whole people, but I can say the majority. Because their criminal tools have everything, while 25-35% of the population is starving and the rest are not able to reach their needs. They build their own society of corrupted political bodies, parties, politicians, media, their NGO:s, who carry the Imperialism message and fill the peoples ears with it… 

Lebanon has everything, the money, the wealth, oil/ fuel, medicine, bread, electricity, nutrition material and everything. But the authority gangs, the main parties leaders, Saudi Arabia and American Embassy and French tools, are the mafia of the country. They are leading all the trade marks, they are the bank owners, they hide everything, they play with the exchange rate of the dollar, to reach in one day from 13.000 Lp to 23.000 pounds, and come down from 23.000 to 15.000 pounds,

Those criminals, by the direct leading of USA and many European governments, turn Lebanon as a country to Black Market place. People are dying without medicine, of not enough fuel to get electricity to make an oxygen machine work. People die and nobody can help. People wait hours in line under the sun, with nervous breakdowns, fighting and shooting each others. The government is part of the game. They caught some persons, who had hidden nutrition material, milk for the infants and fuel. Huge amounts! Non of those criminals are arrested, because they are protected from the main political parties and country personalities. 

I talked to a police officer at the Gas station:” What are you going to do, I thought you came to open the station by force. It is filled with fuel and the owner doesn’t want sell”. With full respect he said: ”Uncle, we can do nothing. We are not authorized, there is no state, no government, the country  is a jungle.”

The politicians curse and accuse each other, but all are liers.  All are corrupted and share together.

The prices without control, the government talks about supporting the flour and fuel, medicine and food stuff. But it is a big lie, They use to pay from the peoples money in the banks. Now the prices are free and open without control or interfering from the government… Lebanon has only the Army to play security role… all others receive the order from the embassies and their politicians.

All prices are rising rapidly. 1 gallon of fuel costs now 179.000Lp, 6 times more than recently.

In the black market you can buy it for 400.000Lp. The bread bag reach to 20.000 Lp. The fruits and greens became like gold price..The pharmacies are empty, but what ever you want is there, but as black market…Thanks to the friends who obtained me mainly the blood pressure medicine with good price, The situation is out of control or law. that is the plan. People are ready to do what ever… the police or army soldiers start escaping from their association, because the salary lost its value. More than 2000 soldiers escaped already.

31 persons, including 17 soldiers, were killed last week by and explosion of thousands of fuel letters. They were hidden in a village in North Lebanon. Tons of medicine were found hidden, belonging to brothers or assistants of politicians, parliament members or ministers. Those are not thieves, not just bad, those are murderers. People died and children died because they couldn’t find medicine or milk… They hide it, to sell later with high price…

The situation created new kind of business, People sleep in their cars in front of gas station. When it open at morning they fill their cars, go and empty it and sell it in galloons with price 4 or 5 times

more. Those became gangs and make deals… They start know each other and who has what. The delivery business became as a means, not to know who or from where thing is coming. Just by

phone deal.

When Hezbollah leader said that he will bring ships of fuel from Iran, USA and all their dogs in Lebanon and Golf got mad. They find a small tube will bring it to the Lebanese. The American ambassador in the same day started making deal with Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and their Lebanese collaborators to bring the gas to Lebanon through Syria…  They want to stop some sanctions against Syria, because they do not want to let Iran take the credit.

Imagine Shatila and most of Lebanon areas are dark at night, without any light, the generators owners ( Most of them lying, ) complain they don’t have fuel. so they bring the electricity 2 hours at the day and four hours at traitors night in two parts of time. The 5 Amp. is 1.200.000 Lp. The Public Electricity takes days, don’t come at all. For the fourth day we have no electricity at all…

All of that is just part of the battle, in the imperialism strategy. I personally accept the confrontation since long. This enemy should lose. Whatever we provide, this enemy will be more greedy and want more… The only weapon is to decide to fight with what ever can reach to the hand… Yesterday USA run away from Afghanistan leaving their collaborators behind. They left, the same way in Vietnam, Iraq, and they will be defeated here too… Israel can’t do like before, so they have to come by their soldiers. The rotten leaders of the Golf couldn’t succeed in Yemen alone. So what can they do more than buying some traitors by money.  Just forty years ago, in 1983, Americans and French carried 260 dead soldiers from the airport road and run away of Beirut. Just a few months before the USA Embassy with the Middle East spies of CIA, escaped in the air with one way ticket. That is why till now, they are fighting economically, depriving people from their food, medicine, bread, water etc. 

So we will have to find our way to survive. We have to resist. We are not alone. We are part of the international action for a better world. The great cuban people ar filled with pride, because they are steadfast in spite of the US blockade. We should continue forward and we will.

Together with you we are stronger. Thank you for everything.