Nyheter från CYC

After the Minister of Education forcibly ended the school year as a result of Corona epidemic, after seven months of tension, demonstrations, strikes, road closures, schools, universities, and public squares, and then the Coronavirus and public locking, including public, private and UNRWA schools, where the large numbers of poor students concentrated. especially those are the most affected by unstable situations, where most of the Lebanon students didn’t complete a third of the education curriculum, plus the weak outcomes of education from distance. CYC took the initiative of opening a free educational and recreational summer course to empower the new students of  1st and 2nd elementary grades, in addition to the promoted students from kindergartens to elementary. After communicating with the parents, NGOs, and schools, the initiative met with the approval and encouragement of the students ’families, it was agreed with the parents to sign an approval of bearing joint responsibility with CYC for setting up the course and sending their children to study. Especially that came within the declining fears of the Corona epidemic, and the government reduced the preventive measures and restrictions of confronting the epidemic risks. The worsening economic situation and the growing poverty, unemployment and lack of income, created Popular restlessness in the streets to reopen public and private facilities and departments to relax the suffocation which felt by everyone. On 8th of June, the educational course was opened for a period of 40 days in each of CYC branches in Shatila, Sabra and Nahr al-Bared with 140 students on the first day out of 164 will enroll in UNRWA schools for Palestinian refugees, and public and private schools for Syrian and Lebanese students. On the other hand, the center has taken all necessary precautions to protect all from Coronavirus, in terms of hygiene, ventilation, and sterilization, it is mandatory the masks for teachers and staff, preventing visits to CYC and KGs buildings, reducing the number of students to 10 students per class only, to maintain the distances among students. The program based on motivation, educational achievement, capacity building, and talent development, and to compensate the students for the months of closures and house arrest. It was remarkable for the first time to see the enthusiasm and joy of children to come to the educational session as an expression of their need for freedom, movement, and learning.