Text och många bilder från CYC:s coronaarbete

 With the completion of CYC the first phase of its initiative of distributing food rations to 800 Palestinians, Syrian, Lebanese and other families. (450 families in Shatila camp, 100 families in Sabra and outside the camp, as well as 250 families in Nahr al-Bared camp.)We would like to thank all those who contributed in supporting the most needy families in extremely difficult circumstances, economically and socially, which accompanied with the spread of Coronavirus  with the fear and poverty.

Thanks to the Friends of Italian Peace association’s solidarity Campaign for supporting the families and children of the camp. Thanks to all the campaign supporters. Thanks to PGS and the CYC Foundation – Sweden, Shatila Children of Hope – France, The Solidarity friends with Shatila, The friends Dr. Christos Giannou – Greece, Dr. Robert Milla – Austria, Miss Kira Otitz – Germany, Mrs. Nora Al Shawa – Cyprus and the friends from different countries, from Lebanon, Britain, Netherlands and Norway who donated online or directly to support the initiative of helping these suffering poor families out of the Covid 19 crisis, and the economic crisis in Lebanon in general. Special thanks and appreciation for the Work Team & Volunteers for their hard work, raising awareness and preparing at hard condition, plus encouraging and providing moral support and helping the old people with carrying their parcels to home.

Once again, thanks to all the friends whose donations up to date have reached $ 16430. Still donations haven’t reached yet.

As we said at the beginning, Even with a little contribution, we can do a lot,, provide food, medicine, and social assistance to hundreds of poor families and hungry children.

With the continued spreading the deadly virus and the danger to the safety of families and children, as the epidemic broke out again in Lebanon, the Lebanese government was obliged to take harsh measures to close and prevent wandering, continued closing schools, the airport and crossing borders. In spite of the economic, psychological, social, fear and poverty impacts.

CYC is preparing for second initiative of distributing 750 Hygiene kits (cleaning material, sterilizers and masks) to  care & protect all the Family. Which costs around 6000 dollars. We have start buying with what we have in hand to avoid the delay and the increasing of prices.